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Why do I love whales?

Even when they are huge animals (in fact blue whales are the biggest animals that ever existed on the planet) not many people have the chance to meet them from close and be amazed by their size and beauty. So, just as many people, I expended most of my life ignoring their presence in the ocean, until one day I found myself looking at a humpback whale breaching near the coastline, that´s when I knew I needed to be close to them, that´s when I knew it was part of my path to meet them.

With time, I moved to a place in the north of México, where I had the chance to share with people about their natural history, we had a fin whale skeleton in our exhibition up there, I had to speak about whales everyday, and everyday I learned something new. One time, a whale got stranded on the shore, and my boss asked me to take pictures, it was huge! but also very smelly, I steped on the melting fat from its body, and that particular smell invaded the car I used to drive for weeks, but that experience made love whales more than I ever expected.

Finally in the winter of 2015-2016 I had the chance to become a Whale Watching Guide for a big company in Banderas Bay, it was an "El Niño" year, the hardest time to find whales, but after hard work, we saw them, I saw many of them thru the season, and killer whales, false killer whales, dolphins, turtles, fishes, birds, and many more as well, that´s when I fell in love not just of whales, but the ocean. Now I know, I want to live close to whales and the ocean the rest of my life, I wish I could continue guiding whale watching tours every winter to come in Banderas Bay. If you join us to a tour, you might be making your dream come true, but I´m sure you will be also making my dream come true, the dream of sharing with everybody knowledge and love for the whales, specially, our distinguished visitor, the humpback whale.

Looking forward to meet you,

Abraham Meza López

(Biologist and tour guide)


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