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How big is a full grown Humpback Whale?

This whale species is said to be the size of a school bus!

They can grow as big as 55 feet (17 m) long and weight up to 40 tonnes.

One impressive thing about the humpback whale is that its flippers can grow up to 16 feet long, giving them the world record for the longest appendages on Earth. If that wasn't impressive enough, their tails can grow up to 18 feet wide!

This incredible size is only possible because of this species aquatic lifestyles and the buoyancy provided by seawater. On land, an animal as large as the humpback whale would almost certainly be crushed under its own weight.

These glorious creatures can also develop speed up to 16 mph (27 km/hour). They are known to be the most lively acrobats and will jump, roll over, slap and splash in the water, wowing the spectators!


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