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"After a short brief we went straight to the boat. They took us right to the location of a pod of 5 adult whales who put on a show, sometimes surfacing to blow very close to the boat. There was enough time to have good chances at capturing some great photos. Our marine biologist guide directed a move to a different location to find and observe a baby whale... another success! 

It couldn´t be better."

Heidi Boland,


February 07, 2020


"We found an active courtship group of  10 whales, amazing to see 3 of them surface right next to our boat and swim under. We learned a ton from their knowledgeable oceanographer on board. The whale-friendly boat was great, complete with the hydrophone to hear the whales singing. Got to race a few dolphins on the way back.

So glad we did this excursion! ."

Susan Shmid,

Saskatoon, Canada

March 21, 2018


Respectful of the whales and nature."

Each time is unique and like the first time. One of the main reasons we go on this tour yearly and we will come back for the next season.

Monica Arellano,

Monterrey, Mexico

March 11, 2022


"We went on this tour today and it was amazing! Our guide and captain were both professional and proficient. If it wasnt for the great skill at the helm we may have indeed miss the show. A huge shout out and thanks to Captain Ramon and Biologist Abraham. "

—Jim Brand,

Manitoba, Canada

January 10, 2018


"We went on the whale watching tour this morning, OMG absolutely amazing!  Our guide was an oceanographer of 22 years of experience with whales, obviously was full of tremendous facts about this beautiful creatures. First we saw a mother, calf and escort, then a group of 3 males fighting for a female. Thoroughly recommend this trip. Enjoy! ."

Paul Boyer,

Chester, Reino Unido

March 15, 2019


We were very fortunate to see many whales, dolphins and a sea turtle. The highlight of the tour was seeing the whales breach completely out of the water."

Debra Payne,

Vancouver, Canada

February 14, 2023

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