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Marietas Isands & The Hidden Beach


This is an exceptional journey that blended adventure, discovery, and immersion in the natural wonders of this protected hidden paradise.

Marietas Islands  it's a destination that will stay with you long after you have left its shores.

The diversity of underwater life its truly breathtaking our guides are knowledgeable about the local marine life and the importance to preserving this delicate ecosystem making the experience not only enjoyable but also educational.

It's vibrant marine life made it a perfect destination for both nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.



Tour Activities


Hidden Beach


A breathtaking natural wonder nestled within a collapsed volcanic crater. .

This secluded beach is surrounded by towering cliffs and lush vegetation, creating a picturesque and intimate setting

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Bird Watching

Marietas is the home of many species of birds; some are resident species, the most common are the Blue footed Booby, the Brown Booby and the magnificent frigate bird. There are some coastal species like the Little Blue Heron, the Snowy Egret and the tricolor Heron; among others.

La bufa_edited.jpg

The Bufa

 The intensity of La Bufa eruptions can vary depending on the tides and weather conditions, making its visit a unique and thrilling experience.



One of the highlights of snorkelling at Marietas Islands is the opportunity to encounter sea turtles gliding   gracefully through the water. 



  • Specialized guide.

  • Snacks and fruit.

  • Bottle water, sodas and gatorades.

  • 27 ft. boat with shade.

  • Snorkel gear.

  • Helmet

  • Marietas National Park entrance fee.

  • Hidden Beach Fee.

Not Included:

  • Tips for the Staff.

2 Schedules

  • 9 to 12pm 

  • 12 to 3pm

  • Marietas Islands and hidden beach open from Wednesday to Sunday.


  • 3 hours


From Punta Mita at Anclote Beach. Restaurant Coral.

The Tour

Departing from Punta Mita, this excursion promises an unforgettable day filled with natural wonders and adventure.


As we sail along to the Islands keep and eye out for dolphins and majestic humpback whales (seasonally) that might accompany us on our journey.

The crown jewel of the tour is the visit to the Hidden Beach. Reach this secluded oasis by swimming through a secret tunnel.

Dive into a clear water for an extraordinary snorkelling experience. Marvel at the vibrant marine life, from colorful fish swirling around you to manta rays or even sea turtles.

Birth enthusiast will be delighted to witness rare species such as the blue footed booby and red billed tropicbird.

Our guides will help you on every activity and share fascinating facts  about the islands, the diverse wildlife and the importance of preserving this ecosystem.

This- is -a -great -Adventure -that-you -cant -miss!

We will meet you in  in Punta Mita, on the Anclote Ave. at the entrance of Coral Restaurant. 


Private Tour starting at $6500 pesos. Price per person: $2500 pesos, minimum 3 passengers.

Private Tour for 2: $6500 pesos.

We charge in Mexican pesos.

Arriving at the Hidden Beach was like stepping into a surreal paradise.
The real highlight of the tour was snorkeling, from colorful fish to intricate coral formations. Snorkeling was an awe-inspiring experience that left me mesmerized.
Throughout the tour, safety was a top priority, and the crew's professionalism was evident in their preparedness and guidance.
This is an adventure that shouldn't be missed. The tour guides' expertise, the stunning scenery, the opportunity to connect with nature make it a five-star journey that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking a memorable escape.

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