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Whale Watchers Vallarta   care about  making your tour truly unforgettable. When you come with us you expierence an adventure that is unlike any other. Expertise makes the difference but the most important thing is our passion, that comes from the love and admiration that we have for this magnificents marine mammals. Part of this adventure is to document every trip for research and share it with other world wide organizations, helping with conservation and education. 


The adventurous spirit which all whale watchers have in common.

Giving you a travel expirience that inspires. Getting you away from everything to be instantly submerged in a total new world. Once you expierence it, you will see nature differently!

We keep our programs flexible so that you get the most out of whatever nature has in mind. So every tour is a different adventure!



We all are professionals and experts on marine mammals, guiding  our tours with passion and commitment; always looking for the unexpected and mysterious ways of nature to show you how great it is.

Our goal is to inspire more people in a way that they understand, care and protect wildlife.

Marisel has been working with humpback whales since 1996. Was  one of the pioneers of the industry in Puerto Vallarta. 

Additionally she is a scientist who has also worked with NOAA in the US on "EL NIÑO EFFECT" research.

Still doing research and now working on a new project with orcas.

Marisel was  chosen to be a whale watcher in Banderas bay for PROFEPA and SEMARNAT, watching vessels to follow the whale watching regulations.

She participates since 1999 with fibb whale photo identification catalog and is an active member of the international organization ¨Happy whale¨.

Marisel loves to share her knowledge and passion with the public.

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Dolphin Therapist

Cotty is an experienced  Dolphin and  Horse Therapist with a background  working with people with special needs. She has a big heart and gives it all to her passion, animals and children. 

She is expert in marine mammals.  For many years has been studied animal behavior,  working in many countries such as Turkey, Chile, Unites States, Mexico among others training sea lions, dolphins and penguins. 

She is very enthusiastic in working with wild animals and is welcome in our team to work with whales and wild dolphins.

Cotty   puts  her heart and energy in all she does. 



Iñaki is  a passionate guide. He was working  with horses for several years in Chile. Every season, he comes to work with Whale Watchers Vallarta taking  photos of whales and their tails, thus  contributing to our photo identification project. This help us to get to know the population of humpback´s in the bay, number of individuals, population growth, etc.

Iñaki has now years of experience  on whales,  and  is one of our main guides. 

He is  cool, professional and a charming guy.

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