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Best time for Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta.

North Pacific Humpback whales are  a conservation succes story.

During the last 20 years, this population has grown from 2000 to more than 21,000 whales.

Humpback whales gathered  in this tropical waters for their breeding season, lots of whales are born here every year. More than 3000 humpback whales visit Banderas Bay during winter and spring.

 In the middle of October the first whales are spot in the Bay then by December  most of the whales have arrived.


From December to March we have lots of whales in the Bay, during this months they enjoy this tropical waters and display all kinds of activities. 

Newborns are more likely to be seen in December and January, once the calves are bigger and stronger,  they become very curios and playful.


During  breeding season male whales form courtship groups, they compete for the females and usually they fight for days until one wins. This fightings are not letal and are very fun to watch.


Breeding season is the time when whales display their lovely songs and get more acrobatic!

IMG_2833 (5)_edited.jpg

During this months we spot other wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, Giant Manta rays and more.

false killer whale2 (2).jpg

On February and March there is more chance to spot killer whales in the Bay, they come in  looking for food. 

IMG_2948 (2).JPG

Time of the day does not make a difference in whales activity, they can be active in  the morning or afternoon. Whales are unpredictable animals!

By the end of march many whales begin migrating back to their feeding grounds, some calves are not ready yet for their first migration so their mothers stayed in the Bay until they are ready. By the middle of  April just a few whales remain in the Bay most of the population is on its way back.

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